Why Pricing?

Do you wish to revaluate all the items you sell, even several times a day? Unimaginable in a old fashioned stores, but a effortless task in on-line store. The magic is finding the right price . Our Pricing module will help you with that. It will do most of the work for you. You just choose a strategy and set rules at the beginning.

Pricing in Conviu automatically takes care of evaluating and calculating optimal sales prices against your competition. You can choose Pricing via Heureka API or Zboží API.

The most important is finding the right price. Our Dynamic Automatic Pricing module will do most of the work it does for you. You just choose the strategy at the beginning and set the rules.

Minimum and maximum price limits can be set for all pricing strategies. And of course they can be combined. You will probably choose another strategy for your TOP products and another for the longtail.

When you put goods in an action leaflet, whether printed or e-mail, you will need to fix the prices for a while. The module therefore allows for the possibility of setting fixed prices for the selected period. Another option is to set rules when which item should be automatically sold.

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