Rule for rewriting categories in XML

How to rewrite categories into XML? Categories can be edited using the Edit Element rule.

First choose Export -> Edit

Then go to Rules -> New rule

In the next menu, choose Edit Element

Let's name the rule first. Then, in the condition, we select the categorytext that contains the text (or is equal to it) and specify the category that we will rewrite in the XML.

Next, select an element to edit. This is again the categorytext. Then choose to overwrite the value of the element and start typing the name of the category. The whisperer allows us to choose the exact name of the category according to the comparison shopping site.

In the example below, we rewrite the category Dermocosmetics (on the e-shop) to the category | Cosmetics and health Cosmetics | Skin cosmetics | Special skin care (this is required category according to

You can also set a rule with a condition, eg "If the name contains .... then the category will be ...".

Sample below.

In the settings of the element to be modified, select CATEGORYTEXT.

Below in the Element content option, click on the bulk transcript.

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