How to adjust the selling price to another currency?

For example, if you are translating products from Czech into English, you will still need to change the selling price.

This rule can be set using the Edit Element rule.

To edit the data, go to the Product Export module and click the Edit button for the selected export for which you want to edit the data.

On the next page, select Rules and then New Rule.

Then you will have several options - choose Edit Element

Name the rule. Select the element you want to edit - in our case Price_vat. Be sure to select Content Type Number.

Then insert the calculation. E.g. to calculate EUR from CZK at the rate of 25.15 we added% price-vat% / 25.15.

You can also round the resulting price in the Round Type section.

In the left part you can see a preview of the code - here you can check how the new sales price was calculated for you.

Click the Create Rule button to create and save the rule.

To immediately recalculate the sale price, you can go to the Actions section and then choose Regenerate this export.

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