Automatic translation - of whole XML or only selected products. Automatic website translator

Are you expanding to a foreign market and need to translate the XML feed into the appropriate language?

Do you have data from a foreign supplier and do you need to translate it for your e-shop?

It's easy with Conviu. You can translate the entire XML feed, but also only selected parts. For example, you choose for which categories or products you want to translate.

Machine translation is realized with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

3 online translators can be used for automatic translations in Conviu. You can choose which translator to use, for example, to translate an XML file. These include Google Translator, Microsoft Bing and DeepL Translator.

First, use a rule to set the data for the translation. Subsequently, Conviu will calculate the number of characters and estimate the price for the translation. It will also be necessary to top up the credit and after applying the credit, the translation will start.

Do you have a limited budget? Do you just need to translate some products? Then it is possible to modify the selected set of products and set the translation only for certain products. In the condition of the rule, selected categories, manufacturers or products can be set according to ITEM_ID.

The number of data for translation is unlimited.

To start the translation, go to the export you want to translate (Export and edit products) and click the Edit button.

On the next page, select Rules and then New Rule.

In the next menu, choose Edit Element

In the rule, you set the data for translation - for example, below the example for the translation of PRODUCTNAME (ie name).

To translate another element - eg a label (ie DESCRIPTION) you can copy the rule and create a new one and set the DESCRIPTION element for translation. This sets the rules for all the elements you need to translate.

The translation is available for the following languages: Czech, Slovak, German, Hungarian, Polish, English, Italian, Russian, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Romanian. Do you need a translation for another language? Contact us. It is possible to activate any language for you. By default, we have them hidden so that the interface is clear.

For the content type, you can choose whether it is plain text or text with HTML characters. If the text is with HTML characters, the HTML characters will not be translated.

As soon as the data has been exported, the number of characters is calculated and a table for recharging the credit is displayed.

To immediately regenerate the export, you can also go to the Edit tab and click on the Regenerate this export button here - you will start the manual regeneration.

As we already mentioned, after regeneration, a table will appear in the export report showing the estimated price for the translation.

Subsequently, it will be necessary to top up the credit and after applying it, the translation will start.

After updating the data, only new texts that have not yet been translated will be translated. Each text is translated once.

The first translation of a large amount of data can take several hours. If you add new products to the e-shop, the translation will be fast, as only newly added products will be translated.

The translation status is displayed in the export editing overview.

If you do not use up the full credit, it will be possible to keep it in Conviu for the translation of new products that will be added. If you top up the credit and do not use it, it is possible to request payment back to your account.

The credit can also be topped up in EUR. To issue an invoice in EUR, simply change the currency in the billing information settings.

If you want to try the website and e-shop translator first, contact us!

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