The rule for adding a gift

In the following example, we will add a gift to Nike brand products for the period 10.5.2019 - 17.5.2019.

To add a GIFT (gift) element, first choose Export -> Edit

Then go to Rules -> New rule

Next, select Add Element.

Then we will add a GIFT element (gift). Element names must be named exactly according to the XML specification of the comparison shopping site. You will need to name the rule first. As the gift will be available only for the period 10.5. - 17.5., It is necessary to enter the option active from-to and v to select the date. Outside this selected period, the rule will not be active and will not be copied into XML. So you don't have to watch it manually, the rule is activated and deactivated.

The gift will only be for Nike brand products. In the condition, it is necessary to select the variable Manufacturer - it is equal to - Nike. Next, add the name of the new element - ie GIFT and add a description of the gift, ie the content of the element.

If you want to add a gift ID to the gift, you can set the rule as follow:

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