Pricing strategies

Conviu has a tool for all pricing strategies. Using the knowledge of competitors' prices on comparison shopping site, you can choose from several interesting strategies for your automatic pricing:

Ranking by a price - For example, you set to be the third from all the sellers, or the cheapest of those in stock.

Prices by choosen competitor - You can set to always be $ 1 or 3% cheaper than your chosen competitor.

Profit margin Maximization - Price is adjusted based on competitive prices, demand elasticity, and your purchase prices to maximize your profit margins and, therefore, your operating profit.

Maximize revenue - If you want to be aggressive and gain more market share, you need the right prices. Conviu's pricing also makes sure you don't sell too cheaply, so you don't lose money unnecessarily.

Pricing is possible according to Heurek API or API Zboží. Setting up any selected strategy is very easy in Conviu.

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