All the features of Conviu

Everything you can use Conviu for.

One tool for everything - xml (data) editing, bidding settings, price monitoring, TOP products, pricing.

  • Any format can be supplied.

  • It can also be used for abroad and create any export format.

  • It is also possible to process data from suppliers - connect data from multiple sources and create the resulting XML.

  • Update timer settings for data import and export. XML editor - possibility to set countless rules and conditions for editing the XML feed. Including connection of data from multiple sources. Previews of applied adjustments / changes. E.g. for pairing, setting up gifts, free shipping, etc. (no adjustments made by the e-shop or other tools).

  • Pairer of goods - automatically offers pairing products.

  • Bidding for the selected product group for which the algorithm will be evaluated - can be selected using rules and conditions. Bidding is connected to the API (ie still current data).

  • Possibility of setting various bidding strategies, eg according to stock availability, focus on topsellers, setting according to category / manufacturer / brand up to individual products, for set PNO, with targeting to a certain position, automatic elimination of non-profitable products, determination of min and max CPC. Data from selected competitors can also be included. I.e. you choose competitive e-shops and the prices of products will be compared with them.

  • You can set cost-per-click optimization for individual days and hours. Also in Conviu are clear statistics on a daily basis.

  • Possibility of self-export for automation of campaigns in PPC Google Ads. Price monitoring for the selected competition, serves as a basis for pricing, it is possible to connect to an internal ERP system. You determine which e-shops you want to follow.

  • Possibility of pricing and revaluation of products on the e-shop. Extensive module for setting various alerts (credit, missing data, etc.).

  • Regular reporting according to agreed KPIs.

  • Audit of XML feed and other settings are in administration.

  • Also we offer individual consultations. The tool is open with an individual solution. We will be happy to help you with everything!

It is also possible to arrange a service from Conviu - editing the XML feed, pairing, bidding settings, etc.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us. And don't forget you can test Conviu for 30 days for free!

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