Import data - load from Google Sheets table

We have created a novelty for you in the field of import, which will make your further work easier. Conviu now offers to import data conveniently from Google sheets.

Wondering how to do it? Let's take a look:

When you are importing data, there is a new Google Sheets option in the feed store.

After choosing the Google sheets feed, a table will open for you, which you must fill in. It's not difficult, see the picture below. With this method, all you have to do is share the file you want, enter the URL address and select the sheet to import.

Then you only need to assign the corresponding elements to complete the import.

Individual elements can be assigned up to the lowest levels. For example: select "Channel (XML root)" for the "CATALOG" element or select "Item (E-shop goods)" for "PRODUCT". Then just pair the elements he needs (brand, purchase price, etc.)

Pairing CHANNEL (XML root), ITEM (Goods in e-shop) and ID (unique identifier) are mandatory in order to save the import.

See below for a pairing example.

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