Additional import - Additional XML feed (csv, xls, web services, FTP)

Additional import will fulfill the function of supplementing the main XML (master XML) with additional XML with additional information - mostly prices, number of products in stock, etc.

It doesn't have to be just XML, but it can also be loaded from csv, FTP, XLS, or a file from your computer - even more different imports.

The data is connected via ITEM_ID - it is therefore necessary to specify this element in the additional import.

You will appreciate the additional import, for example, in the following cases:

  • You have a main XML feed from the supplier and you need to add price list XML with prices and stock availability.

  • You need to combine two XML feeds and add elements that are missing in the master feed (but are listed in another XML) - eg you use XML for Google in Google format and you will add XML in Heureka format for additional import, where you specify GIFT - this will add GIFT (gift) to Google feed and name it with the rule eg CUSTOM_LABEL_1 and you will copy the gift into Google advertising.

  • You need to add additional data to the main XML, eg via a file stored on a computer

To complete the additional import, go to the Import tab.

It is necessary first to insert the main XML and then add the Additional XML as an additional import (the method is the same as for inserting the main XML, see Data import.

Then is important in the settings to perform the correct timing of imports. You must first import the main XML, and then import the additional XML. To set a timer, go to Edit

After importing the data, you can go to Export.

The created export from the main import will contain data from the main import, including data from the additional import.

Use the Add Element rule to add more data.

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