Connection to Mall Marketplace

Would you like to offer your products on the Mall Marketplace? We have a solution for you on how to prepare a product and availability XML feed.

First you need to register in the Mall Marketplace administration and set up data import to Conviu. The Heureka´s XML feed is most often used, but you can import any XML feed via the Custom format (import of your own XML).

Then go to Export and Edit Products and select Marketplace MALL as the output format. You select Marketplace MALL for the availability feed.

This step will create a valid XML feed with documentation

It is crucial to follow the exact structure of the feed, including the order of the individual elements. If you use variants, it is necessary to use all mandatory elements, see the documentation.

For several clients, we encountered the problem of the order of individual elements. Even with this problem, Conviu can easily handle it.

Data editing can be performed by editing the created export.

If you need to change the order of the elements, you can use the Edit Element rule to set the order of the elements.

You can then insert XML feeds into the administration. To copy the URL, click Actions-> Copy URL to Export.

It is important to monitor the Error Log, and if any occur (these may be missing mandatory parameters for variants, for example), they must be supplemented - or modified - in the Conviu using the rules.

In case of missing parameters, it is possible to add them directly in Conviu.

Do you need an advice? Do not hesitate to contact us. By phone, email or chat facilities.

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