Pairing products on Heureka - Heureka pairer

The tool offers relevant products for pairing on Heureka. Pairing is part of the module for editing XML files.

First choose Export -> Edit

Then, on the export, select Product Pairing.

Log in to the e-shop administration at In the left menu, click on "Pairing products" and then on "Report unpaired products".

On this page you will see a blue button with the words "Download report". Right-click on this button and select "Copy Link Address".

Then move back to the Conviu application and right-click in the "Report URL of Unpaired Products" box and select "Paste".

Then just click on the "Set Up" button and you're done.

After the update, you will see a preview of the unpaired products. It is possible to sort them by price, category, ID or name. In the filter, select Unpaired Products.

Now you can see a preview of the unpaired products and their offer on Heureka, to which the product can be paired. If the menu is the same, just click the Pair button to confirm the selection.

After updating the data, the product is paired with Heureka. The product can be paired at any time or the irrelevant offer can be hidden.

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