Data editing (XML and CSV)

Find out what the Data Editing Module (XML and csv) provides.

pageConviu as an XML editorpageData importpageData import - XML, FTP, web services, from file, additional import, retrieve data from Google sheetspageImport error - feed cannot be readpageXML Suppliers for e-shoppageCustom import - import of your own (any) xmlpageImport data - load from Google Sheets tablepageData exportpageCustom export - export of your own (any) xmlpageVariants in Custom XML / CSV / XLSX exportpageExport timerpageConnecting of several XMLpageAdditional import - Additional XML feed (csv, xls, web services, FTP)pageData export - download data from XML to csvpageWhere to get the URL of the XML feed Zboží.cz?pageWhere to get the URL of the Heureka XML feed?pageHow to insert XML (URL of new export) into editing - rulespageAdd an elementpageEdit an elementpageHide an elementpageHide the entire productpageBulk editpageBulk editpageBulk editing of datapageBulk edit data - Google SheetspageEditing variants - rules for variantspageThe rule for adding a giftpageHow to create a custom label - g: custom_label?pageEdit name - PRODUCTNAMEpageRule for rewriting categories in XMLpageRule for setting the price of transport - DELIVERYpageDate adjustment rule (e.g. availability date)pageThe rule for hiding an elementpageThe rule for hiding the productpageHow to adjust the selling price to another currency?pageAdjustments within the rules - calculatorpageEditing within rules - nested structure - transport - DELIVERYpageParameter creation - PARAMpagePairing products on Heureka - Heureka pairerpageUnformatted text (text without HTML characters)pageA variable of type list (List variable) and separation into multiple elementspageAutomatic translation - of whole XML or only selected products. Automatic website translatorpageDetailed overview of changes at the product levelpagePage Feed for Google Ads or DSA for PPCpageHow to embed Page Feed in Google Ads?pageConnection to Mall Marketplace

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