Custom import - import of your own (any) xml

You can easily prepare the data in the required format. After registering in Conviu, you will insert a link to the XML file and select "Custom XML format" as the XML format. Then it ispossible to assign the corresponding element.

Elements can only be assigned at the lowest levels. Ie. eg select "Channel (XML root)" for the "CATALOG" element. Then for "PRODUCT", select "Item (E-shop Goods)" and then just pair the elements you need, such as brand, purchase price, etc.

Pairing CHANNEL (XML root), ITEM (Goods in the e-shop) and ID (unique identifier) are mandatory in order to save the import. Of course, you can connect any number of suppliers (successively several XML) to ensure the best possible availability of goods.

In Conviu, you can easily set the rules for transcribing supplier categories into the categories of your e-shop. Similarly, you can rewrite stock availability, recalculate sales prices, unify product parameters from the data of all suppliers, work with product variants, etc.

Then you can create output XML for e-shop - Custom export.

If you don´t know how to do that, please contact us at and we will help you.

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