What is a bidding?

Bidding is a means of getting to the TOP, paid places (on Heureka or Zboží.cz). These usually mean greater visibility and subsequently bring the e-shop more traffic and more orders.

Bidding works on the principle of auction, so the main thing is to beat the bid (price per click) of the competition, while not paying more than necessary.

If we look at Heureka and Zboží.cz in a little more detail, we will find that the resulting product ranking is influenced by several factors in addition to cost-per-click (CPC) - such as product price, product availability, and e-commerce rankings. And each of these factors has some weight in sorting the product offerings. However, these coefficients are not publicly known.

However, what is not secret in public is that, in addition to the factors already mentioned above, it is necessary to take into account the competition that enters the auction together with you. It plays a very important role in how much a click will ultimately cost you. It does not matter how much you have set in the feed, but how much is needed in the first position at the moment. For example, if you have set CZK 20 and CZK 12 is enough for the first position, you will only pay CZK 12. However, if you set the price too low and you do not reach the first position and someone gets a higher score than you, your e-shop will be placed in the position for it, or for more such e-shops. In practice, this means that if you offer a higher cost-per-click, you'll have a better chance of taking your products to the top of the search engine, significantly increasing your chances of reaching far more potential customers than if you were somewhere below the line.

Manual or automatic bidding?

You can set the bidding manually. The disadvantage is the need for frequent inspection and manual evaluation, frequent inspection, complex settings in the administration, monitoring of competition, etc. Manual bidding is time consuming and almost impossible with a large number of products (it is not possible to manually adjust bidding every 2 hours).

Automatic bidding via Conviu enables automatic evaluation of statistics, monitoring of competition and recalculation of bidding and its copying into XML up to 12 times a day. It saves time and costs, as there is a very frequent automatic evaluation and automatic elimination of non-profitable products from bidded positions.

To bid products on Heureka, you need to think about a maximum cost-per-click strategy. But this is a big deal even for experienced traders. There are many such strategies. Conviu has a tool up its sleeve for all bidding strategies. You can apply a different approach to each part of the assortment of your e-shop. As a rule, it is most beneficial to bid on Top products that you know are popular and sell well. Products can be segmented for bidding according to their own labels, sales prices, margin, category, manufacturer, stock availability, products in action, price difference compared to the competition, etc. You can also set the product to hold a certain position. You can also set the bidding increase / decrease according to the time of day and day of the week.

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