Rule for setting the price of transport - DELIVERY

How to set up free shipping to XML feed? First choose Export -> Edit

Then go to Rules -> New rule

In the next menu, choose Edit Element

In the following example, we will set up free shipping for products with a price above CZK 500 in the period from 1.2.2020 - 3.2.2020. The procedure is as follows:

  • add the title of the rule

  • add the date from-to (this determines the period of validity of the rule). Outside the specified date, the traffic transcript rule will be inactive and the element will not be edited into xml.

  • add a condition for products with a selling price greater than or equal to CZK 500.

  • set adjustment for DELIVERY_PRICE element

  • add a new value for DELIVER_PRICE, value 0, ie free shipping

  • save by clicking on Create rule

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