Bulk editing of data

With this rule, you can bulk edit hundreds of products in minutes. It is possible to generate a csv file for editing. You can edit the file in Excel according to your requirements and then upload it back. To reload, it is necessary to leave the first column ITEM_ID, according to which the data is paired and modified (overwritten). For example, if you are editing names, use csv in the ITEM_ID format to reload; PRODUCTNAME; PRODUCT. I.e. do not upload elements (columns) that you do not edit. Use only the modified data file for uploading.

First choose Export -> Edit

Then go to Rules -> New rule

For bulk editing, you need to download csv and save.

Then edit the file as needed. E.g. The following is an example of modified 6 products for which the name has been modified, ie PRODUCT and PRODUCTNAME.

You can then upload the file and create a bulk transcript rule.

Leave only these columns in the file - it is always necessary to keep the product ID (according to the comparator, eg ITEM_ID, g: id,…) and also the columns with modified data. In our case, the file contains 3 columns and 7 rows.

This file must be saved in csv UTF-8 format.

You can then upload the file and create a bulk transcript rule.

The rule must be saved by clicking on Create rule.

Another option is to edit the data using Google Sheets. See the Bulk Data Editing - Google Sheets procedure.

If you use the csv file to edit hundreds of products, we recommend that you let Regenerate Export be followed

To check, you can download data from the entire export to csv and check the data.

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