Data import

The tool allows import of goods XML feeds, import of supplier XML feeds and it is also possible to import any XML file for any platform and country.

In Conviu, some systems are predefined - for example, you can import feeds in Heureka, Zboží, Biano, Google, etc., you can also import any XML in the form of Custom import - import of your own (any) xml.

Fill in the URL of the input XML and choose the format. Where to get the URL of the XML feed for Zboží and Heureka you will find out Where to get the URL of the XML feed Zboží.cz and Where to get the URL of the XML feed Heureka.

We recommend activating the "Create straight and export" option and setting how often and at what time the data is to be updated.

The feed will be downloaded from the IP address If you are restricting access to the feed, please enable this IP. If the XML feed URL requires a login, fill it in.

In the Feed Format menu, select which XML format it is. E.g. for the XML feed for Heureka, select, in the case of custom XML, eg from the supplier, select Custom XML format.

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