Introduction to the Conviu application

The conviu tool makes a lot of work easier for you. Also everything is clear and simple.

If you are dealing with XML editing, auto-bidding settings (automatic cost-per-click settings), product matching or pricing, our tool Conviu will make your work easier. Conviu will also help you find out what are the TOP products on the market in certain categories or the prices of products of certain competitors. The tool can also connect data from several suppliers, create xml for your e-shop or advertising system and automatically overestimate your products on e-shop.

CONVIU is a simple, fast tool using the latest elements. Updates the data every hour at a minute of your choice. For comparison shopping sites, we use the connection to the API Zboží and Heureka. Our Pairer automatically offers pairing products. Just confirm and the products will pair - it's easy and fast. The tool can also bulk transcribe data according to Google Sheets. Or create your own template in which Conviu will generate a product feed for you at lightning speed!

Our team of several programmers is preparing other useful features and "tweaks".

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